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Hello, welcome to ding xiaowan home living room................................. 🔥Logistics options🔥(7-11), (whole Family), (lifou), (delivery solution), support (cod)🔥Delivery to home 🔥Top priority🔥 Weight over (5KG) or trilateral sum over (45cm), (dont lose weight) please make sure you choose (delivery) or you wont pass customs🔥 🔥Good opinion in the sun🔥 V★Thats good news.🔥 Look forward to five star praise sun products map, next order can be 10 rmb no threshold coupons🔥 I hope you can support me a lot🔥 🔥Delivery🔥 (mainland Shenzhen) delivery, general (1-2 days), (7-10 days) to the market. 🔥Product advice🔥 It is recommended to see the product details (store introduction) before considering if you need to chat and chat about the message. 8: 00-23: 00 on weekdays, thank you for your patience🔥 🔥Most frequently asked questions🔥 Its basically ready stock. if theres a shortage, it ll be delivered as soon as possible, so you can order it directly🔥
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